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The Israel Institute offers fellowships for up to two years to Ph.D. candidates, in advanced stages of their degrees, who are conducting research on modern Israel. We seek high-caliber students who are enrolled at top-ranked programs and are interested in an academic career in Israel Studies outside of Israel. 


Our Doctoral Fellowships are open to Ph.D. candidates who have completed their coursework, passed their comprehensive exams, are researching and writing dissertations on an Israel-focused topic or incorporating Israel as a case study, and are planning a career in Israel Studies outside of Israel.


Israel Institute Doctoral Fellowships provide funding, of up to $10,000 per year, for students at American universities, and up to $15,000 per year for students at Israeli, European, and Asian universities. Fellowships are awarded for up to two years.

Please note that this is a selective program and the Israel Institute does not guarantee placement to those who apply.

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If you receive a Doctoral Fellowship, you must agree to the following:

  1. During the Grant Period, to use the title “Israel Institute Doctoral Fellow” on all correspondence, publications, and whenever you are publicly identified during the entirety of your term of support, including adding this title to your email automatic signature;
  2. Acknowledge the Institute’s support in any published work during your appointment term, and in any work whose research or writing originated during your appointment term, irrespective of its eventual publication date;
  3. Regularly report to the Institute on your progress toward your Ph.D., including updates on your teaching load, citations of all your publications and juried conference presentations, and information on public/academic events at which you speak;
  4. Disclose additional sources of Ph.D. funding;
  5. Respond to Institute surveys about your professional activities during your placement, including reporting on course enrollment (if applicable), and any academic/community talks or panel presentations, including the number of people in attendance;
  6. If asked, give two Israel Institute-sponsored public lectures and write a short essay for the Israel Institute Magazine; and
  7. Comply with all applicable federal, state, and local laws, and University policies and procedures during the Grant Period.


The next deadline for applications is March 15, 2018.



To be considered for a Doctoral Fellowship, please submit the following materials:

1.     Our online application;

2.     A short dissertation proposal of no more than seven double-spaced pages (not including references). Please use the following categories and format for your proposal:

      a.     Contribution to the Field: Address why your dissertation research is important, who can use the results of the study, and how the results can be used. Please explain how the study will enhance understanding of modern Israel.

      b.     Literature Review: Put your research in the context of existing research, explaining what lacuna your project will fill.

      c.      Research Questions and/or Hypotheses: Provide your research questions and or hypotheses.

      d.     Methodology: Explain how you will collect your data and what method you will use to conduct your research.

      e.     Timeline: Describe where you are in the dissertation process and provide a timeline for your academic activities through the completion of your Ph.D. requirements (including a clear completion date);

3.     An academic curriculum vitae (C.V.);
Note: Please adhere to the specific format that we request in the online application. Do not put all your publications and presentations in the same section. Instead, use the following categories: Education, Authored Books, Published Peer-Reviewed Publications, Published Book Chapters, Other Publications, Juried Papers Presented at National/Regional Conventions, Other Conference Presentations, and Other Information.

4.     A Career Statement: Please upload a career statement of no more than three paragraphs describing your intended career trajectory. Describe your envisioned long-term research program and the field, location, and type of employment you will seek after completing your dissertation; and

5.     Have your advisor fill out our letter-of-recommendation form and send it directly to Ms. Jill Wyler, Program Coordinator, at

NOTE: Please include your full name on all documents you upload with your application.

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