Writing Workshops 2018

Writing Workshops 2018

The British Academy is inviting proposals from UK-based scholars in the humanities and social sciences to develop one or more training and research workshops in the Global South aimed at furthering scholarly interaction between researchers in the UK and in the Global South and promoting the uptake of research emanating from the Global South in academic journals.


These Writing Workshops aim to cultivate professional networks and mentorship and provide access for early career researchers in the Global South to the academic requirements of journals, including international journals, equipping them with the necessary knowledge to publish in these journals. It is expected that journal editors and UK-based scholars will work intensively to support workshop participants from the Global South to produce papers in preparation for publication.

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The primary intended deliverable of these workshops is to encourage and support early career researchers in the Global South to develop scholarly publications for high impact journals in the fields of the humanities and social sciences. The workshops should also include at least one session providing advice on the drafting of grant applications.

Eligibility Requirements

The lead applicant must be based at a UK university or eligible research institute, and be of postdoctoral or above status (or have equivalent research experience). The lead applicant must either be in a permanent position at the institution or have a fixed-term position for the duration of the award. Each application must have at least one co-applicant from an institution in the Global South.

All proposals must be ODA-eligible: only research that has a primary objective which is directly and primarily relevant to the problems of developing countries may be counted as ODA. ODA eligibility is an essential criterion – projects will only be deemed eligible for funding if they can demonstrate that they satisfy ODA eligibility criteria.

Workshops must take place between March to December 2018.

Value and Duration

Awards are set at a maximum of £20,000. Funding must be used in the direct delivery of the workshops, and can cover travel and related expenses, subsistence costs, clerical assistance and consumables, networking, meeting and/or conference costs.

Application Process

Applications must be submitted via email to internationalpolicy@britac.ac.uk. The application form is available for download at the top of this page.

Application deadline: Wednesday 14th February 2018, 5pm UK time.

Contact the Funding Agency


+44 (0) 207 969 5220

Visit the Fellowship Page to Apply


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